Apr 30, 2014

The preppy beauty

Marina Rust wedding - facsimile from VOGUE Living Houses Gardens People
My copy at home - I actually never tire of it since it is such a classic book
I have had the great coffee table book by VOGUE for years. I still love it, since it´s such a unique piece full of fantastic photos and interesting people. One of the women that seems to totally own the American classic preppy is Marina Rust Connor. A classic beauty, very natural makeup and all over sporty and fresh. Of course I was curious to read more about her when Mark D. Sikes interviewed her about style [apparently one can never have too many grey sweaters], family life and goals [being a decent mother and writer]. Read the first part here and see many gorgeous photos.


  1. two great books. i don't own either but my grandmother does i recall.

  2. Wow, how great, I may need to yet again add another book to my big collection! Thanks for sharing!!