Mar 11, 2014

The statement necklace [two of my faves]

Missoni long necklace
Market find - no brand at all...

Statement necklaces continue to be big and bold and will last next season as well. These are two of my bigger necklaces that are great pieces to dress up any top or even t-shirt. The Missoni is bought in Stockholm a couple of years ago, having used it many times either very long or folded in two. The latter one in gold and white is actually one of my best finds. I bought it at the regular Saturday market in Puerto Banus this summer. Since it´s a market it started off pretty expensive (it´s only a piece of plastic...) but after some "negotiating" it was mine for 25 euro. Since I´m not actually a big spender at markets, I tend to find nothing inspiring to bring home and I never buy fakes of anything, this was a a highly successful day for me. It became even greater last night when watching the tv-series Suits (really good btw) with my husband and I to my surprise found this exact necklace worn by a very expensive looking power woman (well, the character) in Manhattan. So, wisdom of today; spend more time at the market searching for finds this coming summer, I got up my appetite. And buy more statement necklaces in total.