Mar 10, 2014

The Monday Pep Talk | 6 Secrets to a happy life from happy people

Happiness research is big these days. Here are six secrets to a happy life from studies based on happy people that I found in a great article in The Week, where you can read much more about this, but here´s the summary: 
1. Spend time with friends - social networkIf you shall just do one thing today to be happier, spend time with friends. Not spending more time with people we love is something we tend to regret most when we´re at the end of our life. (My friends actually tend to mean more and more to me the older I get. I feel an enormous gratitude to have so many wonderful and interesting friends in my life, I would be lost without friendship.)
2. Do more, not lessThe happiest people are those that are very busy but don´t feel rushed. (This one I can totally relate to. I love being busy, but only if I´m not stressed out about it. For me it´s about balance and being in a good place, then I´m able to take on lots more. I also know instantly when I´m heading the wrong direction and nowadays I have the tools to deal with it.)
3. Do not stay in a job you hate1500 people age 70 to 100 was asked in a study what they would advice their younger self. Do not stay in a job you dislike was the most common answer. (Being over 40 now I can only say I agree.)
4. Plan your happinessOne cannot wait for happiness. It needs to be scheduled and planned. Make sure to do things that increases your happiness. (I fully accept the idea of taking responsibility for you own happiness. I   don´t expect anyone else to keep me happy but me. Happiness is an inside job, at first, then go do the fun things and enjoy it.)
5. Happiness isn't everythingHappiness is a vague word. We need happy feelings but we also need meaning in our lives. Go find meaning in your life. (Yes, living a meaningful life, whatever the meaning is, is probably the answer to all life's questions.)
6. Give — but not until it hurtsDo all your giving one day a week. A study showed that the happiness increased when people performed all five giving acts in a single day, rather than doing one a day. (This I have to admit I haven´t tried out yet and the concept is new to me, I´ll have to give it a try...)

[Text source The Week. Image from Getty Images]