Mar 2, 2014

THE perfect eyeliner [CHANEL stylo yeaux waterproof long-lasting Khaki Precieux]

The perfect colour, Khaki Precieux

I have a new love. A love that perhaps gonna last forever. I´m talking about a Chanel eyeliner. Not any eyeliner however. An eyeliner pencil that I have used over the years and come back to. But, it was just recently that I tried it in another colour from my usual brown and black, and this one I´m sticking to. It´s the Chanel's Stylo Yeaux waterproof long-lasting Eyeliner in colour Khaki Precieux. The pencil is great since it really is long-lasting. Like many of you I spend a lot of time in front of a computer, meaning the makeup tends to disappear over the day. This one sticks. But, the beauty here is really the colour. A couple of years ago I found a pencil from Lancôme in a khaki-bronze colour which was really perfect in colour. Sadly the formula of the pen didn´t work out for me, I had panda eyes before lunch with it. Ever since I´ve been looking for that colour but in a long-lasting waterproof version. And the other week I found it. The colour Khaki Precieux from Chanel is a universally flattering colour to all eyes and skin colours. Try it on for yourself, since I think this is a colour that has to be experienced in real life, photos of it doesn´t do it justice. It´s perfect to blend out and have a natural look but also suitable to get stronger by using more. It´s seldom I find a product like this, you know when you just know in an instant that you have a favourite in your hand. This is such a product. It will take a lot of persuasion to take this out from my makeup bag.

[Image via Pinterest and weheartit.]