Mar 3, 2014

The Monday Pep Talk | 10 stress less tips

Many of us are prone to feel stressed, sometimes even stressed out. Here are ten great things to consider when the stress hits you. And if you follow them the stress is more likely not to hit you...

1. Know what you’re trying to achieve and why 
Lack of direction creates stress. Whenever you want to achieve something keep your conscious clear. Focus and make sure you know exactly what it is you want and why. No one can hit their target if they don’t know what their target is. 

2. Do less by focusing exclusively on what’s important
The essence of personal productivity is to do the important things rather than the urgent things. In other words, put first things first. Focus on the essential and eliminate the rest. 

3. Think progress, not perfection
Don’t worry about perfection; you’ll never achieve it. Instead, focus on the progress you’ve made and the progress you intend to make today. 

4. Cleanse your heart every night
Just as your body needs regular cleansing, so does your heart. Choose to forgive people and let things go at the end of each day. You'll wake up the next morning refreshed and free of negativity. Refuse to carry old regrets, mindsets, and distractions into each new day. 

5. Purge untrue thoughts
You must learn a new way to think before you can master a new way to be. Behind every stressful feeling is an untrue thought. When you change your thoughts, you change your life. 

6. Expect some stress, accept it, and let go of it 
Stress is a wall between two peaceful gardens – the garden where you are and garden where you want to be. You must scale the wall, gathering lessons as you climb, before letting go as you descend to the other side. You will only lose if you never climb or you never let go. 

7. Be kind to your body
A good workout is the best stress reducer. Commit yourself to a daily intake of 30 to 60 minutes of uninterrupted exercise and a reasonably healthy diet. 

8. Do one nice thing for yourself every day
Put yourself at the top of your priority list and treat yourself every day. Give yourself something special – like time-out for some quiet reading, an hour to work on a passion, a long walk, etc. You are worth it. 

9. Simplify
Organise, don’t agonise. Keep your space ordered and your schedule under-booked. Create a foundation with a soft place to land, a wide margin of error, and room to think and breathe... so you can explore the possibilities for happiness in each and every day.

10. Enjoy life and have fun.
Realise that life goes by anyway. Better start enjoying it. It´s only up to you to keep yourself happy.

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Photo via Google's free photos. Photographer Camdiluv on Flickr]