Feb 17, 2014

The Monday Pep Talk / 10 ways to become better at your job today

Monday morning. New week, new tasks, new opportunities, maybe still some old problems nudging at work...Forbes listed ten ways to become better at your job immediately in order to move up in your current position or if settling into a new role. Read the whole article here for full inspiration.

Ten ways to become better at your job now

1. Get organised - conquer that inbox and learn to prioritise tasks.

2. Stop trying to multi-task (totally guilty of this one...)

3. Put yourself in the mindset of you boss.

4. Forge strong relationships with your colleagues.

5. Focus on listening, not only to your boss but to everything around you.

6. Get in early, even 15 minutes is useful, since this will get you a step ahead with todays' tasks and maybe even let you leave earlier in the afternoon.

7. Give yourself some genuine down time, meaning don´t check your e-mails or think about a specific project when not working.

8. Aim for clarity in everything you do at work.

9. Do some serious research and preparation before taking up time from your boss or colleagues.

10. Try humility instead of total self-promotion when describing your accomplishments.

Have a great working week!

[Text source Forbes. Image from Pinterest.]