Feb 14, 2014

Show yourself some love today

Happy Valentines, dear reader!
If you´ve read this blog for some time you know we don´t only talk about self-esteem anymore, we talk a lot about self-love these days since that´s the term du jour. I think these words from Dr. Habib Sadeghi as told to Goop, where you can read the whole article, are so true and inspiring. Start with forgiveness. Of oneself. And what better day to do that than on Valentines? Show yourself some love and then spread it further. 

"Love affects the body in profound ways, but it's not enough just to receive it: We must be able to generate that energy within ourselves if we are to maintain our health. To achieve this, we can't begin at self-love but at self-forgiveness—forgiveness for not being a certain body weight, beauty type, Mother of the Year, the perfect daughter, wife, or anything else. When women let themselves off the hook, they will acquiesce into a place of self-acceptance. It is only in acceptance that we learn what love is. When love is the nourishment we're using to seed our soul, our lives become fertile in all areas again. There's no need to fear the future because we know that so long as constant change is life's nature, survival doesn't go to the fittest, but to the most resilient—and resiliency always resides in the richest soil.”    Dr Habib Sadeghi to Goop

[Text source Goop. Image from Pinterest via zsazsabellagio