Jan 26, 2014

The power hair

"Your hair is your co-star in life"
celebrity hairstylist Julien Farel

What a great and happy expression I thought reading the above statement from Julien Farel. Hair is a big thing and should be treated with respect. It affects the overall look and mood. There´s no point in buying expensive clothes and handbags if you don´t take care of your hair as well. "The hair is the first thing people notice when you walk into a room and can say a lot about who you are and your personality," says Julien Farel to Harpers Bazaar. "Everyone needs to own their ‘power hair’ with confidence." He also says that when it comes to getting what you want, hair may play a bigger role than you think. A friend of mine taught me to look at hair as something that you´re always putting out to the world. The hair is always with us, whether it´s a good or bad day. The new thing in hair is a) to regularly treat the scalp (hmm must admit I don´t) with special products we didn´t know we needed up until now (now it´s urgent) and b) adding sophisticated scents to you hair. This is because many of us (definitely me included) have dry and damaged hair which means we use more dry shampoo to expand the time between washes. This creates another new need for our co-star in life; special scents for the hair according to NY Times which recommends these scents. A lot to keep up with. But I think I´m going to give the scents a try...

[Image from Pinterest via DustJacket]


  1. I need a cut but I am not ready to part with the length even at the age of 48 ..is that bad? I try to use healthy shampoos that have no sulfates, and I love essential oils a drop or two in hair before a blow dry! K

  2. …and you are on top of these great tips, fashions and just how we can feel better. I love that! I cut my hair shorter to have more options….love the hair on the pic!


  3. ah i have been debating for soo long on whether or not i should chop my hair, it is getting so long! Your blog is so great, i love it!


  4. Really!(: this hair is killer gorgeous and I want mine like that exactly!!
    Dry shampoo causes damage? I had no idea...

  5. Very interesting post! Thank you for sharing :)


  6. Great post! I love the phrase "power hair" but it's totally true - I love the feeling of having an awesome hair day!