Jan 27, 2014

The Monday Pep Talk | Career designing

From my attic, photographer Marij Hessel
"If you do not feel yourself growing in your work and your life broadening and deepening, if your task is not a perpetual tonic to you, you have not found your place." 
Orison Swett Marden 

Welcome Monday and brand new week. The Monday mornings here on the blog I´d like to dedicate to work and work-life balance, since I think they are so important for ones happiness, a key factor for a beautiful life. I also think it´s healthy that we all some times in life stop and listen to what we actually want for the moment since this changes over time. I recently started a new job, and this has been a process finding that particular job within my area and also finding out what I really want to fill my work days with and in what form. (Something that really interests me, makes sense and has flexibility.) One of the books that I find helpful defining how I´d like to spend my working days is The Pathfinder by Nicholas Lore. 

The book is 415 pages long with inspiration and tests for finding out how you´d like to express yourself in your career. The Rockport Institute by Nicholas Lore divides the process into the following steps:

1 Make a commitment to decide on your future vocation
2 Make designing your future career your number one priority
3 Begin by looking in
4 Seek full self-expression
5 Break down the big question What am I going to do with my life into smaller more manageable portions
6 Ask resourceful questions
7 Delve into all important questions regarding your future work by using self-tests that help you become sure of the elements of your future work 
8 Design you career one piece at a time
9 Fit everything together that you´re sure of like a puzzle
10 Go for vitality, not comfort
11 Do research to discover what sort of work matches the pieces in you puzzle
12 Persist in spite of obstacles and setbacks
13 Keep up your list of possible careers until you know enough to make the final decision
14 Celebrate

I think many of these steps are helpful, and to fully understand them you need to buy the book, but I hope that these can serve as inspiration to get started finding a career that will fit you perfectly if you haven´t yet found it.

"I think that what we are seeking is an experience of being alive, so that our life experiences on the purely physical plane will have resonances within our own innermost being and reality, so that we actually feel the rapture of being alive." 
Joseph Campbell

[Images from Pinterest via 1entermyattic.blogspot.nl Photographer Marij Hessel