Nov 26, 2013

It´s all about hydration [KIEHLS' overnight masque REVIEW]

I love the thought of having skincare working hard during night. When I was in Marbella in August I felt bad for getting too much sun and drying out my skin after a long hot summer. So I went shopping for something extremely hydrating to still my conscience a little bit. Having not tried out KIEHL'S, although I know beauty editors rave about the brand, I decided to give it a try with this Ultra facial overnight hydrating masque. Since then I use it at least once a week and really love it. The texture is a light colourless gel, feeling hydrating and luxurious. Another plus is that it's extremely lasting, since a little goes a long way I never seem to finish the jar. I´m totally hooked on overnight masques and this one really delivers the important hydration for healthy looking and glowing skin.