Nov 6, 2013

Going for GOLD [glam up daily life]

My golden bike...
What don´t you do to glam up your daily life? Since we bicycle a lot in our family, I now must admit it gives me more pleasure since I sprayed my bike in a golden colour. This is so easy and funny I can´t believe I didn´t do it earlier. All those years I have been cycling around on a my old boring bike...

Have a look, this is the bike before the colouring. 
In the making...

Oh, some gold on the prepared for small imperfections

It all started out with a toga party last summer...The dress code was toga, but according to all my fashionable friends one could not simply turn up in an ordinary toga. No there was Chanel inspired togas and everything showing up here. In a last desperate minute I decided to spray tan my toga with gold. This was so much fun and turned out pretty well actually. After the party I had two cans with gold spray left, bought at our local paint store. I loved the spraying process and seriously though about what else could be gold sprayed in my life? A couple of months later, I got the brilliant idea (you can see I´m a bit self ironic here I hope:) to simply spray my bike with the rest of the golden colour. Note to self; My bike was already some years old and I had nothing to lose. And you cannot be a perfectionist in this case. It will come some colour on parts you don´t expected. I see it as training for me to not be a perfectionist all the time (a relief) and every time I use my bike I´m reminded of that it is not perfect, but much more beautiful and fun. And above all, it feels much more glamorous doing the school run for three children with a golden bike. Try it out if you´re tempted in your favourite colour. I know I can never go back...


  1. LOVE the new look bike. How can you not feel glam riding that? You know I am all for sparkles/glam in our lives ;-)

  2. Your bike is so glamorous now. What a clever idea! It's too cold and wet here to get out my bike.