Nov 1, 2013

BON Weekend [and how is a dinner prepared in real life at Downton Abbey?]

It´s the weekend! Apart from spending time with my family, having lunch in the city with friends and going to a dinner party I´m planning on staying in watching the much anticipated season premier of Downton Abbey. Oh how you´ve been missed. And what a terrible end to last season. 

Remember, the last episode ended with Matthew being in a horrible car crash. Of course I couldn´t hold myself so I´ve read up on what happened, but will not make a spoiler here. So, over to the beautiful castle, in real life called Highclere Castle. Did you know that this place is fully alive and that the Countess of Carnarvon resides there with her family? The Countess of Carnarvon writes her own blog about life at Highclere, the castle becoming a major tourist attraction due to the popular show. If you are curious about how a dinner of this magnitude is prepared for in real life the Countess of Carnarvon will tell you all the details in her post Setting the table:

"Highclere’s dining room table seats between 4 – 30 people depending on how many leaves are carefully put into the Victorian extension mechanism. Setting the table is an art and allowing enough time is important. Colin our Butler and Luis our Banqueting Manager usually set the table in the afternoon for that evening. The exact layout obviously depends on the menu and number of courses that Paul the Chef and his assistant Rob are preparing and the choice of wines made by my husband with the help of Luis. Colin and Luis work wearing white gloves which keeps the silver clean and finger prints off the glasses, in exactly the same way as their predecessors would have done at any point in the past 100 years." 

Continue to read more about the real life at Highclere castle at Lady Carnarvon.

We never do seem to get enough of this fantastic show. I really look forward to the coming Saturdays with more Downton drama.