Oct 31, 2013

Looking airbrushed with foundation [REVIEW]

I´m so happy that the Dior Airflash is back on the shelves again since it´s been a long time favourite that´s been discontinued. This spray foundation really does leave you with an airbrushed look, easy to apply when you get the hang of it. This is also a great touch up during day or for going from work to an evening out. (Keep one in the office drawer:). Don´t forget to shake it before using, very important. Dior recommends to spray over face in the shape of a Z, starting with the forehead and ending on the chin. You could also spray it on a kabuki brush and buff it onto face which gives a fuller coverage.


  1. I've never tried one, but remember the ads. Maybe one day... x

  2. How about the eye wrinkles does it make them more noticeable, I love an air brushed look but hate concealer around my eye.. will check this one out!

  3. This looks like a great recommendation Caroline! Must try!

  4. I agree, it does leave a nice finish. I just didn't like the aerosols smell. I worried about the effect it could have on my lungs. Oh the things we do for beauty! :-)
    Have a glorious day! xo Jennifer.