Oct 22, 2013

Handbag time

Are you a shoe or handbag girl? You can´t be both you know:) I´m definitely a handbag girl. I actually fall in love with handbags for real. The Marcie bag from Chloé by Hannah MacGibbon has long been a favourite of mine. Still I haven´t gotten around to buy it though. So, a bit later than when it was an it-bag, I actually seriously consider buying it. In a new updated colour. I know everyone else is focusing on the new it-bag from Chloé, the Baylee handbag. But for me it´s still Marcie. I love a classic bag with a twist. I think I actually love everything about Chloé. The style, the clothes and the fabulous 70's hair.

[Image via stylerumor.com]