Sep 25, 2013

When can we check in? [Bliss at SPA]

Wouldn´t it be perfect to check in at a spa right now? The Kamalaya spa and wellness resort in Thailand is a favourite by Tatler and Condé Nast Traveller for its wellness and holistic approach, and also to cure technology addiction. "You'll re-emerge fit, sleek and connected - to yourself, rather than your gadgets" Condé Nast Traveller says, calling this spa "one of the best spas 2013 for fixing issues."

"Ayurveda is the lynchpin used in stress and burn-out programmes, as well as the new sleep-enhancement programme. With uber-intuitive therapists slathering warm medicated oil over you, they stimulate your meridians, restore your chakras then polish your aura. Every treatment digs deep to maximise the flow of prana (your vital life force which digital overload drains away.)" says Condé Nast Traveller .

One of the founders of Kamalaya wellness sanctuary and holistic spa resort is Karina Stewart who fulfilled her dream to inspire others in this beautiful environment, saying; 
“I believe that the journey into health begins with getting back in touch with ourselves. As that happens, not only are we honouring and respecting ourselves, but we are also connecting to the resources around us much more meaningfully."

The Kamalaya wellness programs offer solutions for detox, yoga, stress and burnout, fitness and weight control, and all programs can also be personalised. Don´t miss out to check the website of the Kamalaya spa since it´s packed with health tips and videos.

[All photos from Kamalaya]