Sep 26, 2013

A new favourite skin lotion [also for Kelly Wearstler]

It´s back. It´s still yellow. Still the same bottle. It´s still a bestseller. But, it is actually updated for todays demands on skincare. It took Clinique 6,5 years, 3 dermatologists, 53 researchers and 100 formula tries before they nailed the new lotion. The big thing with the new Dramatically different moisturising lotion + from Clinique is that it´s working while on the skin. It´s said to double the moisture level during the day and improves the moisture barrier with 58%. What is also new to this version, and this I personally love, is the adding of hyaluronic acid (which is pure magic for moisturising skin). I have been using this  lotion now for over a month, and I must admit, it kind of feels like I´m back to the 90´s and I´m loving it.  My main concern was wether this should be enough for my rather dry skin. I definitely think so. It feels lightweight but isn´t on the skin. So, this is a new favourite for keeps. And don´t miss the über gorgeous designer Kelly Wearstler who not only talks about this new lotion but shows a real glimpse of her fabulous life and work in LA. 

[Video via Youtube Kelly Wearstler x Clinique for Into the Gloss]


  1. I've always loved their packaging and concept. Unfortunately, my skin had a different opinion. x

  2. I should visit the Clinique counter for this product too! I've always heard good things about it. I wonder if it would be good for combination skin though. I will have to find out. XO, Jill

  3. I'm such a Clinique fan and Dramatically Different Moisturiser has been a favourite of mine for years. I've started using this updated version and I'm pleased with it.

  4. Im going to give it another shot! Maybe this updated version will give my skin the moisture it needs! Love Kelly W and your amazing blog!