Sep 9, 2013

The Monday Pep Talk | The secret of following through

According to bestselling author and lecturer Tony Robbins there´s not enough with the big R as in Result to succeed. To achieve the real result there has to be a real sense of Purpose. Ask these four simple questions to find your purpose.

A drive to the Purpose makes the desired Result a reality. “I want to become a millionaire.” It’s another thing to say, “I want to become a millionaire because I will be able to help my children; make a difference in the world; develop the pride of knowing that I’ve overcome so many challenges; contribute to the homeless; and create many magical, fun moments for myself and those I love!” says Tony Robbins.
When you fully feel why you are doing something, you will create the emotional excitement and “juice” that will give you the drive and momentum to create the RESULT:
According to Tony Robbins one should ask the following questions to find your purpose: 
1) Why do I want to do this?
2) What is my real purpose?
3) What will this give me?
4) How will it make me feel?
When you feel WHY you are doing something you will feel the excitement to drive you further to your purpose, momentum and to create the real result. The power of the purpose is the secret to follow through.