Sep 6, 2013

Hot Spot [beach club]

Welcome to the hot Ocean Club in Puerto Banus

One of the trendiest beach clubs in Marbella happens to be located next door to us. It´s always fun to pass by, since you get a really good glimpse from the outside. 

It´s as much as being seen and noted as bathing...
Everything is fresh white and blue, and orange...

The restaurant in the much needed shadow

The view to the beach
Well, this is a hugely popular club...although the line to get in isn't normally this long...
Inside around the big pool it´s always packed with people sun bathing, drinking and partying. Leaving me to feel a bit old actually when passing by...This is not the kind of place to bring your children. Except for the slightly younger crowd everything is crispy white and fresh. But, there was a time before children and then we used to go for lunch here which was always very nice. You can tell this is a party beach club not only by the music from the DJ but also in the mornings when you go for a power walk and the OC staff empties literally containers of finished Veuve Clicquot bottles. The closing party of the season, which is widely famous on the coast, is at 28th September, so there´s still time if you´d like to join the party:)

[All photos by IOB except #2 from]