Aug 12, 2013

The Monday Pep Talk | Secrets of her success

Take some career advices from Hillary Kerr, founder of successful magazine shopping sites Who What Wear, Domain and Byrdie, as told to Glamour Magazine:
“Say yes to everything. I’ve done things that felt overwhelming at the time—like volunteering to go to Spain for a big story when I was just an assistant—but they turned out to be the most amazing learning experiences.”
“Even though it’s hard, try not to be the office gossip. Remember, every industry is small.”
“Don’t act entitled. All that grunt work teaches you what goes into everything else, which will help you handle bigger projects when you move up.”
“Comparison is the death of happiness. People get caught up in who gets what account or assignment. Just focus on doing the best work that you can.”
I totally agree on comparison being the death of happiness, as written about before in one of the most read posts here on IOB.

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