Aug 13, 2013

Hotel by the sea [TISVILDE]

There´s just something about a classic hotel by the sea. That´s what Helenekilde Badehotel in Tisvildeleje in Denmark is, a trendy coastal village just a couple of hours drive from Copenhagen with many restaurants and events in summer.

I´ve heard and read about Tisvilde many times over the last years, and recently a Danish friend recommended us to go to Helenkilde Badehotel. And then another friend came home from that exact hotel the other day saying it was "just fabulous with perfect view and food", so I guess we just have to go, at least next summer. In the meantime we´ll indulge in the photos...

[Photos from Helenekilde Badehotel & Wiveca Åhlund]


  1. That place looks amazing! I would love to discovere those northern beaches some day...

  2. Oh this looks like a delightful spot to spend the weekend. Sadly I'm off to work today. ;)
    Thank you for you kind comments on Stylemindchic girlfriend. You are lovely.
    xx, Heather

  3. Gorgeous. Some of my favorite summers as a child were summers in Denmark and Sweden :-) My parents never took the predictable holidays and I thank them for that now x

  4. Vilket ställe. Danmark? Jag bokar också in mig på det stället, känner jag spontant som den sucker för coastal hotel som jag är