Aug 19, 2013

The Monday Pep Talk | Be your own BEST FRIEND

"Nobody is going to accept you if you don't accept yourself first. That should be obvious, but it was a brick to my forehead when I really considered what it means. I realized that every time anyone ever rejected me, I was waiting for THEIR acceptance to prove to me that I was worth accepting! Which means I didn't already accept myself, which means that in some way I didn't show up in the fullness of myself when I engaged with them. 

And so of course they rejected me! So we need to be loyal to ourselves. Not in denial about our weaknesses or anything like that, but loyal. Accepting. Embracing. We deserve it. Enough people beat up on you; don't beat up on yourself. Accept yourself, warts and all. Be a friend to yourself. And that will be magic in your life. Other people will see your goodness when you have seen it first."

These inspirational and wise words come from bestselling author Marianne Williamson who published them recently on her facebook page. She has a big point about being a friend to yourself. You have to see your own goodness first. 

[Pinterest original image via edited by IOB]