Aug 20, 2013

DvF on female sensuality

"No matter how much I've learned, every day is a new adventure for me. Every day I discover that what I learned before is not definitely right, not necessarily true, but I get richer through these experiences. I grow richer in the experience, and richer in my feelings. And I think that that is the true sensuality and the true joy of being alive and being a woman."

From Diane von Furstenbergs book of beauty.

{Image from Pinterest via 1 thefashionspot}


  1. Lovely thinking...I going to get her book :-)
    Have a lovely day.

  2. I adore DVF! Just scored a pair of heels and a clutch from DVF for my mom's upcoming wedding. Looks like I need to add her book to my collection.
    Love this quote,
    xx, Heather