Jun 21, 2013

Start of the REAL summer

There is nothing that says Summer more to Swedes than our national holiday Midsummer. From this day on it is most definitely Summer, whatever the weather gods say. What are you up to this day? We are celebrating the day...

with five other families of close friends, including a lot of children. We have done this set up the last five years and just love it. The day starts with traditional Midsummer lunch, followed by a brief "resting time" at your own home, taking a nap, settling down the over excited kids for a while, before changing for the dinner party when everybody meets up again for the Midsummer nights festivities.

Have an enchanted Midsummer!

[Images via Pinterest via 1keepitchic.com  2 mittlivplandet. 3 blogg.st.nu 4 Pinterest]