May 31, 2013

Worshipping the SUN

...or try this

The weather is fantastic, and having waited for this summer feeling a very loong winter it´s easy to get over excited about the sun. It´s about time for some sunscreen. Most of us know that we should use it daily during the season. And the experts claim we should use it all year round. There are mainly two things to think about according to the skin expert at VICY/Loréal:

1. Always moisturize twice in a row with your sunscreen. A too small amount reduces the SPF to half of what it says on the bottle since it´s based on a thick layer of SFP (2mg/cm2). Enhance the effect by applying it every second hour and with a special of 50 SPF for areas like scars, pigment areas etc.

2. Avoid direct sunlight between the hours 12-15 during the day.

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