May 31, 2013

BON Weekend [This weekend I will be...]

...hopefully enjoying some glossy magazine time or reading an inspirational book...
enjoying the last perfect days of our beloved tree of lilacs
...enjoying Friday lunch by myself in front of the computer with this super easy favourite salad... 
...later indulging in this favourite Friday treat, watching the seasons finale of "Let´s dance" with our 7- year old daughter who absolutely loves the show. I don´t, at all actually, but I love spending time with my daughter so I pretend as much as I can and focus on the privilege of her fun company instead...
Starting the Saturday evening with rosé wine with eight beautiful girlfriends...
...and then heading out for a delicious Italian dinner including a lot of laughter, great food and red wine
...if the weather is ok maybe head for the beach on Sunday...
...and in the evening treat my body to this favourite after sun moisturizer

...loving Elsa Beskow's adorable nostalgic illustrations of the months

Welcome new month June! You look promising so far...
What are you up to? What ever your plans are, have the best weekend!

Weekend reading
If you are interested in horoscope (in Swedish), don´t miss Loveable's summer horoscope for all signs, just released.


  1. A weekend of get togethers - the season for parties and events really starts now! Have a good one xx

  2. It sounds like the perfect weekend...enjoy!!

  3. sounds like a fab weekend - i'm starting with a 1/2 day today - soaking up the sun - then beach day tomorrow - and sunday is up in the air due to weather

  4. Sounds perfect, Caroline...ENJOY ;-)

  5. Hoppas att din helg blir precis som du önskar! Jag håller tummar för sol och värme :-).
    Kram Jennifer

  6. Låter som en helt perfekt helg om du frågar mig! :) Kram

  7. Sounds perfect!

    I hope you are have a relaxing, fun and wonderful time with family and friends!


  8. Sounds like a great weekend with a good mix of activities. I would also say June looks promising as we have had two lovely sunny days over here too.

  9. love weekends like that!!!! hope that you have been well and had a great weekend! xO!


  10. Looove that weekend!
    KRAM från France

  11. Ich freue mich immer wenn ich englisch Lese und es auch verstehe :-) Schaute mir das Finale von Let's Dance auch an, schade ist es vorbei. Deine Fotos sind so schön und dein Salat werde ich auch versuchen, sieht sooo lecker aus :-) Ganz liebe Grüsse sende ich Dir! Kira