May 14, 2013

A little bronzer goes a long way...

Clarins Splendours summer bronzing 

Smashbox Fusion soft lights in Baked starburst

Estée Lauder Bronze Goddess

Kanebo Sensai Designing duo bronzing powder 

NARS Bronzing in legendary "Laguna"
It´s that time of the year. When a little bronzer goes a really long way. Since we by now may have gotten some basic colour, now is the time when a good bronzer works it real magic. It may feel it´s in the winter we really need the colour, however the bronzers works best when enhancing our natural colour, not faking it from a pale winter skin, at least what I think. So if you haven´t already, now is the time to invest in a good bronzer for that super easy and fresh faced look during summer and prolonging it into the fall.  I have tried and tested many, many of them, as I tend to do that every season...It´s a bit tricky to find the right one though, especially when you´ve got fair skin. My favourite is NARS in cult colour Laguna. This is truly a gem, leaving you with no orange in sight, just bronzing glow that builds up easily. NARS is unfortunately very hard to find in Scandinavia. Luckily there are some other reliable sources like Clarins who always deliver. And Estée Lauder's hugely popular Bronze Goddess. This year I have also discovered a new favourite, Kanebo Sensai designing duo bronzing powder which gives sort of a nougat colour with 24 carat gold and pearl shimmer to it. Sounds promising...


  1. I couldn't agree more! I have Terracota from Guerlain. My problem is that, sometimes I overuse them and the result is quite not that natural! When it comes to this, less is more! Xo,

  2. I can't function without my bronzer! A renewal is coming up so your recommendations was very timely. Would love to try one of them!


  3. I can also recommend the bronzers from Benefit!

  4. I can't live without my bronzer ;-)
    I'm wearing the Clarins bronzer at the moment and wishing for some sunshine!
    Have a lovely day.
    Catherine xx

  5. I'm so looking forward to trying the new Clarins bronzer!


  6. i use the nars one daily it seems keke ! love bronzers, they make you look very tan! xO!


  7. I haven't tried to NARS.. I agree, less is more. It should just be applied lightly where the sun would naturally hit. xxleslie