Apr 10, 2013

[SKIN CARE] This hydrates, a lot

"A major blast of moisture that lasts 24 hours, the rich Clinique Moisture Surge Intense protects even in the “coldest Russian weather.”  ELLE

It´s spring. I´m reinventing myself. No, not entirely. But when the seasons change the need for style change sort of comes up, again. This is also applicable with makeup and skincare since the need varies over the year. This spring has led me to try out some new products within skincare and makeup. First out that I can highly recommend, actually I think it´s a new favourite of mine, is the Moisture Surge Intense from Clinique. Since I love a good list I always check out what the top beauty directors at the biggest magazines say. They´re usually right, but not always though which one should bear in mind. This is definitely worth its award though. I tried it with the intention of using a product that wasn´t that specific for anti-aging or being very active. I simply wanted to try if a 40 year old can be satisfied with a very hydrating product instead of the very active ones. This is a "hydrating creme en masse" delivering a lot of moisture. I love the gel-cream texture and have used it for both day and night. For my rather dry skin the "very dry to dry combination" works best. The texture also making it a great moisturizer to use with a light DYI facial massage. This is a keeper for me, feeling very hydrated and satisfied. As makeup artist Birgitte Reiss-Andersen says: "The more hydrated your skin, the younger it looks."  You had me at hello.