Jan 2, 2013

Random snippets of my week...

Enjoyed a lovely lunch with girlfriends at this
new Stockholm hotspot, Taverna Brillo

Always have to visit this traditional food market,
sometimes just for the atmosphere...

Had to treat myself to a (very small) pistachio macaron from the best, Ladurée.

Bought this extravagent iPad cover...can´t decide weather to love it or hate it. Not my usual style but it sort of gets you disco happy. And with three kids using my iPad (90% of the time:) there is no need for an expensive one.
This one from H&M for 20 euro will do for a while...
It required three fullsize men and a snowblower to get
our car out from the nearby street when it was snowing (very) heavy on Christmas day...

Managed to squeeze in a superb dinner at friends house with
lobster, Champagne and venace roe...you can´t go wrong...

Here are a few snapshots from the last week...Hope you all are enjoying the first days of 2013. I´m still in holiday mood trying to stay there for this week as well...So we´re taking it pretty easy. This afternoon I´m having some alone time hitting the shops. That is almost like meditation; wandering the streets by myself with a latte, no rush, no kids to look after, just soaking up inspiration and enjoying beautiful Stockholm. And maybe do some great finds in the sales...


  1. Pistaschen är min favorit. Alla kategorier. Inte så söt som de andra. Lite mer vuxen. Bara älskar butiken. Särskilt NY-butiken. Den är makalöst vacker.
    Love to u

  2. Gillar disco känslan i iPad fodralet!

    Gott nytt kramar


  3. Låter helt underbart med din Stockholms vistelse! Älskar också Östermalm! Tack för fina bilder därifrån, de gör mig alltid så glad! Här smälter nu snön och man anar vår i luften- helt underbart! Kramar och god fortsättning! Helena

  4. Way to go! Awesome pics and plans. I like the ipad case. Muah!

  5. can i come with u when u get those macaroons?! I am craving some so badly! ahh! xO!

  6. Looks like you had a wonderful start of the year. Let the rest of it will be beautiful and bring you everything you wish for (including some gorgeous sale finds ;) )

  7. Hope you had luck with your shopping! Anything nice?


  8. Oh la la...love your week and your start of the year!


  9. OH how I love Macarons!!! What a fun week!
    xo Karolyn