Dec 31, 2012

Happy sparkling new year!

The last day of 2012. Have you had a good year? I had a year with both ups and downs, like most of you I guess. If I can choose only one highlight this year it has two be the two weeks, which included my 40th birthday, that we spent with the whole family in New York and Connecticut. Otherwise, I actually can´t wait for this year to turn to 2013. Being older, and wiser, I have given up on unrealistic new years resoloutions like dieting, eating strictly this or that or exercising five times a week. Instead I try to set some nice intentions for my mind, e.g like be positive, start every day with a clear intention or end the day by thinking of only good things (definitely provides a better sleep:). Or set a theme for the whole year. This year I think I am going for that spark. Be sparkling. What are your intentions for 2013?

I wish you the best new years eve
and look forward to spend a new,
even better and more sparkling 
2013 with you!

{Images from Pinterest, #3 from Rachel Zoe}