Jan 18, 2013

BON Weekend!

What are you up to this weekend? We are starting off with a Friday drink and dinner with just a few close friends, always love that sparkling Friday feeling when the whole weekend is still ahead of you. On Saturday we´re escaping to my parents in-law at the country side, just by the ocean. It´s beautiful and not really much to do other than hang with kids and family, look at the ocean, cook, zip red wine, read all those books and magazines that you didn´t have time for during the week and maybe watch a late movie, like Woody Allen's "To Rome with love" which I still haven´t seen. Or just do nothing. Sometimes I´m pretty good at the art of doing nothing. But it´s easier when leaving home and checking in somewhere else...

Have a wonderful weekend!

(Images from Pinterest via inthecitywithcrystalin.tumblr.com and #3immerwachsen.com)


  1. Sounds great! To Rome With Love is a wonderful movie darling! Enjoy! xo,

  2. How lovely - London is snowed under so I am going to relax, work on my Valentino exhibition post, and watch Borgen!! Have fun x

  3. Have a wonderful weekend! We are having snowy days, so I am hoping for a walk with my men and spending time at home, all cosy, watching Dexter and eating something yummy. :) x

  4. oh the weekends - how i do adore them! - i go wherever the wind takes me .. i'm not good with 'plans' .. i'm a last min type of person :o) ENJOY!

  5. Your evening sounds wonderful and I must see to that movie! I keep forgetting about it and it's one that I know I will enjoy. Your images are lovely and the first photo is similar to my own kitchen:)


  6. Your weekend sounds lovely...I think we're going to be a little snowbound here in the UK...we're not so use to this amount of snow...everywhere comes to a standstill...we need to learn some lessons from yourselves ;-)
    Have a fabulous time.

  7. Filmen är ganska usel. Eller så är det bara det att man förväntar sig mer av Woody Allen. Men miljön.
    M I L J Ö N !!!
    Och Alec Baldwin :)

    Låter som en härlig helg Kram kram

  8. Det låter som ett underbart upplägg!
    Kram Jenny

  9. love the white everywhere! so clean. the framed quote in the last photo? love it!!! tgif!!! xO!

  10. Love your weekend agenda ;)

    And I love the great weekend feeling I get from reading this.


  11. A beautiful way to start my Sunday - love the kitchen!!