Dec 7, 2012

Just a little beauty tip for these colder days...

Stockholm Karlavägen last Friday
Stockholm view over the Royal Palace last Sunday

It´s cold outside. At least here in Sweden...Many women like me feel they need more moisture this time of year for the skin. This is my go-to-foundation every winter. It´s packed with moisture, has medium to full coverage and has the perfect amount of shimmer in it to give that soft, dewy look. This is actually one of my absolute favourites. Imagine my surprise when I was told by a Clinique representative that this is being discontinued (and will be replace by hopefully something even better). What to do? Well, this is so great during colder climates for dry skin that I´m gonna stock up on two tubes at least. Hurry you too if you feel the need for something really hydrating for the winter skin. Just a quick tip to begin the Friday with, see you later!

{Thanks for image #3 via Pinterest}


  1. Replies
    1. Ja de finns på NK och det var på NK som tjejen sade att den skall utgå...

  2. Tack för tipset, använder den också. Innan vi ser exakt hur bra ersättaren är, är det lika bra att skaffa sig ett lager... ;-)
    Kram från torrisen i alperna

  3. I completely agree with you, it's so cold outside BRRRRR! I'm a big fan of Clinique too so I'm intrigued about this product, thank you for the tip!

  4. I always wonder why on Earth companies stop selling certain products...
    It's cold here, too, and the weather keeps changing every few hours - very British and pretty crazy. :)
    Have a wonderful weekend! Stay warm!

  5. Oh! Well, I am sure that the Clinique guys will tap the need with an even better solution. I'll be following your tips for the cold, u know it! And wow, Stockholm must be SO beautiful! Muah! Enjoy your weekend darling and THANK YOU for your support!

  6. Love the pics...beautiful Stockholm! Yes, we should be mindful and care about our skin....Clinic is fab! Thanks for the tip!


  7. Starting to need that extra moisture herein Jersey too! THe cold weather wreaks havoc on my skin, especially around my eyes!
    HAve a great weekend!

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