Dec 8, 2012

BON Weekend!


Hope you´re enjoying your weekend! This weekend I actually try to do as little as possible. It´s important to have some down time just pottering around at home. I think I need it especially now at Christmas time. This week I was happy to receive a Liebster blog award from the lovely Miss B Bobochic. Check out her great blog and online shop (Christmas shopping:) if you haven´t already. Since you know I´m not doing much this weekend I figured this would be the perfect time to get a little personal:)

These are the questions I got asked by Miss B Bobochic:
1.Which films have you watched more than once?
Eh...many:) There will be no Christmas spirit if I don´t watch Love Actually and The Holiday late at night with gingerbread cookies and candlelights everywhere the week before Christmas. I even indoctrinated my husband to watch them with me...
2.What is your perfect meal?
Again, many:) It´s hard to choose, but I say you can never go wrong with Italian food, Jamie Oliver or Nigella. To accompany a perfect meal I need some great and lively conversations with friends and preferably red wine for long talks around a nicely set table.
3.Which place in the world would you most like to visit?
Asia is next on my list, I think.    
4.Which foreign languages do you speak?
English and German more or less fluently. I love everything British and try to visit London as often as I can. I never, ever get tired of that city and feel right at home the moment I land on Heathrow...I´ve spent a couple of summers in Germany to learn German when being a teenager. When I was 20 I also lived eight months in Munich, which is my favourite city in Germany. It´s not only gorgeous but perfectly located. A favourite day could involve going glacier skiing over the day (in May, it´s amazing) and be back for an outdoor garden party in Munich in the evening, the contrasts are just great.  
5.What's your perfect holiday?
Since I have a faiblesse for hotels it must be a fabulous one, for the perfect holiday...I love big hotels with many facilities, but it must have personality. It´s always exciting visiting new hotels, as much as I love coming back to favourite ones. The perfect holiday must include a city with great restaurants, shopping and culture. But of course I also love a good pool and time to read glossy mags and meaningful inspiring books. Or skiing for the whole day, ending it with cheese fondue. Hmm...a little mix of everything? It also varies a lot if I am going with my husband alone, or bringing our three children or if it´s a girls weekend.
6.Which person do you admire the most?
Many, many, many. I admire Oprah for bringing many important questions and interesting guests to her audience. I think she has done a great job creating concepts like "Super Soul Sunday" and "Remembering your spirit", since they appeal to many people around the world regardless religion. I always cry watching programs like "CNN Heroes". I also admire my own children for just being adorable (well, most of the time:).
The blogs that I´d like to nominate for the Liebster Award, aiming to promote smaller blogs with a maximum of a couple of hundreds of followers, are:
In order to receive this, you have to answer the following questions and link back to the blog who gave you the award:) and let your new nominees know about the reward via a comment on their blog.
The questions for you to answer are:
1. What does your perfect Christmas look like?
2. What is inner beauty to you?
3. What is your favourite quote?
4. What is a perfect weekend according to you?
5. City girl or country girl?
6. What is your dream job?
7. Ultimate luxury for you?
Looking forward to get to know you even better and reading your answers!
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