Oct 29, 2012

Window to the world

Sometimes I dream of bigger windows. It looks so grand. The only problem is that you also get a good look inside from the outside. What do you think, do you like big windows or not?
{Link with love! Images from Pinterest via 1nocturnalwishes.tumblr.com 


  1. I love big windows!! Your inspirational photos are great - I wouldn't mind leaving in one of those houses ;)
    LA By Diana Live Magazine

  2. I adore that last photo... What a beautiful place.
    I have a soft spot for huge windows - we lived in apartment that had them once and I loved the feeling of light and space. Really miss it and hope that one day I will live somewhere similar again.

  3. I would love big windows....but more for me to look out than anyone else look in ;) But ok, I can take looking in if I had the apartment in the last photo.

    AND I love your tips for success. I will save it!

    New York is almost completely closed now. Bridges, tunnels, public communications, stores.


  4. I love big windows too. I actually look out of my small windows to a new building with gorgeous huge windows. Such a dream :)

    Happy Monday, sweetie! And thanks for the well wishes. We're bracing ourselves and it's starting to roll in now xoxo