Oct 30, 2012

Makeup day - She´s one of the best

One of the frequent search phrases here on the blog is "Bobbi Brown to Sweden?". I can totally see why, since this is one of the best beauty brands ever. Last week Bobbi Brown was finally launched in Sweden (e.g at bigger Åhléns). I have a lot of makeup from Bobbi Brown, having stocked up on it when being abroad. Most of it though comes from nearby Bobbi Brown in Copenhagen at Magasin. Those makeup girls at that Bobbi Brown counter are the best. As nice as super professional, always giving you the best treatment and advices. You will never leave with the wrong products. Otherwise you can always indulge in Bobbi Browns books or spend ages at  bobbibrown.com. I can highly recommend the live chat with Bobbi Browns own makeup artists, which I have actually done several times from Sweden regarding colours and products. (I know I may sound makeup geeky here but this outer beauty is as important as inner beauty and glow:) So why not turn to the real pros when they´re just a click away? Try it, you get the best advices and it´s fun and free. As I mentioned I have a lot of makeup from Bobbi Brown, but if I can only (which is impossible in reality) choose one product, it has to be the Award winning Long-wear cream eyeshadow. I think I have at least 12 different colours...This is simply put an eyeshadow that is better than any other else in texture, colours and staying power. What I also love about Bobbi Brown is that the whole idea is to bring out your best look with makeup. It´s still you, only better. And with a little more glow.
{Images from Bobbibrown.com}


  1. Alltid gillat BB. Laura Mercier eller Bobbi Brown är absoluta favoriterna. Bra på olika saker. Har faktiskt missat att hon säljs på Åhlens.
    Åh, ser att du har CBK till höger. Jag har skrivit många inlägg om henne. Min absoluta stilikon.

    1. Haha vad vi är lika! CBK är ultimata stilikonen för mig med:) Älskar även Laura Mercier, men Bobbi är etta:)

  2. I really like her too. Love both the products and the packaging. x

  3. Congrats on this! She's wonderful.. love her line. I have her brown/black (can't remember the exact color) eye liner and use it almost daily. Her shadows are pretty too.


  4. Vad kul att ha det som sökord! Jag har killrum:) har inget av hennes produkter måste testa! Kram Nilla

  5. LOVE BB too! All Make - Up är bäst! Åh, så roligt med en ny härlig blogg!! KRAM