Oct 28, 2012

Vin Chaud for the home

Zermatt, Switzerland

Hope your´re having a wonderful and cosy Sunday evening. This is not the best photo, I know, but I just had to tell you about the favourite scented candle of the season. Malene Birger candle in "Vin Chaud". It´s pure magical. It takes you direct to that little pittoresque mountain village, a Swiss après ski and Wham's "Last Christmas". I bought it two years ago, before Christmas, and sought for it everywhere last year, only to be told that they didn´t make that fragrance last year. One foot in in a Malene Birger store the other day, who had a scented candle lit on the desk, I immediately knew it was back. Of course, I cannot be the only one thinking this is the ultimate candle for late fall up to Christmas. This one sells out fast, I was told. So hurry if you want that magic smell at home.

Have a lovely Sunday evening!