Oct 26, 2012

BON Weekend!

High time for decorating for Halloween. This is a fab alternative!
Will definitely treat myself to (at least) a latte and cinnamon bun

Am behind reading Vogue Oct. Maybe sneak some time for that in the bath
(although a rather heavy issue, not great for bathing reading...)

Searching for inspiration and colours for the decoration
of the childrens rooms - love this calm white & blue combo
Also considering these colours in green
- and reminding myself to take a mental vacation:)
Thank goodness in the renovating mess -
we´re invited to pre dinner drinks by friends both Friday and Saturday.
The sudden colder temperatures means well done comfort food
like this parma chicken with asparagus in cream
Late weekend evenings - starting to review "The Forsyte Saga"
with Damien Lewis on Netflix
Did this week go by fast, or what? So these are my plans for the weekend.  We´re renovating the second floor. Two big rooms will become four smaller, it takes some time...so this our main theme of the weekend. What are you up to? I hope you have the best weekend and get a combination of everything you need!
{Link with love! Images from Pinterest via 1 longislandprep.tumblr.com 2 archive.feedblitz.com 


  1. Ja det är galet vad fort veckorna går. Men äntligen fredag!!!
    Kram Jannike

  2. Fyfan vad snygga pumporna är. Jag dör. Tokdör. Vill ha. Finns inget fulare än orangea pumpor. Även om det är stämningsfullt när det lyser i dem i mörkret.
    Forsyth-sagan. Ledsen. Men det går inte att se något annat än originalet med en ung Susan Hampshire.
    Ha en fab weekend

    1. Jag vet, visst vill man ha dessa vita pumpor! Jag är också för original i det mesta, men just denna filmatisering med Damien Lewis gillar jag verkligen, tycker den nästan är lite underskattad eller så är det bara jag...haha:) kram

  3. Skönt att bli bortbjudna när man renoverar, så man slipper se stöket för en stund :). Hoppas er helg blir kanon och att renoveringen flyter på! Kram Jennifer

  4. I just love all those creamy colors and the those pumpkins are Cinderella worthy!!
    Have a great weekend!

  5. I just love that first photo! Those pumpkins are gorgeous! And the magazine photo is a favorite of mine too. I've had it saved for a while. It's what my perfect weekend would include :)

    Have a wonderful weekend! xoxo

  6. Weeks seem to be going way to fast these days. Wishing you a beautiful weekend and thank you for the inspirations. x

  7. Love your pics ;)

    Pre-dinner sounds great! I will have drinks on a roof top tomorrow I hope. Manhattan here I come!

    Have a fab weekend

  8. mmm all looks great to me ... have a lovely weekend,

  9. Fantastiske bilder du viser- som alltid :-)
    Ha en fin lørdag!

  10. Thank you for stopping by my blog yesterday! I will certainly be happy to follow each other - let me know when you follow me and I'll gladly return the favour.

    Have a beautiful weekend!

  11. lovely photos! would you like to follow each other in gfc? let me know! http://xxxloveisbeautyxxx.blogspot.ie/