Sep 7, 2012

Bon Weekend!


It´s the weekend! Again! Thank goodness. It´s more than welcome after a pretty hectic week. What are you up to? We are invited to an autumn party (altough the weather is actually more like Indian summer...) and it´s exactly the kind of bubbly fun I need to kickstart the weekend with. The rest of the weekend I plan to finish reading two books and start a new one, read this months new magazines, make some great comfort food along with red wine, see a great movie at home, spend some time by the sea, take a body combat class and a long bath. This is most likely not to happen with three kids and everything else in between...but you can always dream:) So, on with those party shoes, and I hope you have a fabulous Friday!

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  1. Sounds perfect!.. and I'll be taking a body combat class this weekend too! All that kicking is supposed to be great for the legs, right?

    Have a nice weekend!

  2. Visst är det skönt med helg! Ska följa dig på F B! Kram Nilla, ps du kan följa mig också:)

  3. Alldeles för få Louboutins i min garderob. Lika bra det, för jag skulle bara vingla omkring som en annan bambi.
    Höga ambitioner ska man ju ha. Hinner jag läsa ett kapitel i nya boken eller bläddra igenom ett av mina magasin så är jag nöjd.
    Kram. Ha en fin helg. Här ska det kappseglas lördag och söndag.

  4. I love that you are on FB! I have liked you immediately!

    And, just like Sahara, I need more Louboutins in my closet.

    Have a fab and fun weekend !


  5. haha love the first image! hope you have a great weekend, happy fri!


  6. I want to frame the first pic! Genius!!

  7. Det lät ju som en alldeles fantastisk helg! Ha det toppen! Kram Jennifer