Sep 9, 2012

A serene Upper East home

This gorgeous and serene home on Manhattans Upper East Side belongs to Project Runways judge Nina Garcia, who shares it with husband David Conrod and their two sons. 
- When I come home, I need to feel instantly disconnected. In the rest of my life, I feel overstimulated. Here, I want things to be serene and unfussy, full of objects I love—but not too many of them, says Nina Garcia to latest edition of Architecthural Digest. I think she has a lovely approach to her home, having a serene home not minimalistic though. And I love the bed, the walls in the living room and the closet with that lovely wall-to-wall carpet for cold feet in the morning...
{Images with permission from Architechtural Digest. Photographer: Björn Wallander}