Aug 15, 2012

Not totally unplugged...

How are you? We are having a great time as always here in Marbella in Spain, with the temperatures getting up to 42 degrees Celsius in the afternoon. (Puh, that´s hot.) We´re mainly hanging around by he pool, since there were so many dangerous jellyfish in the ocean the first days, and almost nobody dared to take a dip in the ocean. For lunch we are almost every day having fresh gazpacho, you simply cannot get that good gazpacho anywhere else...

You think you can trust Internet anywhere these days...but we are having a very slow Internet connection so I am sorry for poor blogging. Will not tell you how many hours spent for nothing...Anyway, maybe this can be a time to actually slow down a bit. I am not very good to be "unplugged", but I´m working on it and I definitely think we all need to unplug from time to time. I will however try to post every day, but sometimes the Internet just not doesn´t work with me..From September 1 I will be home and post daily:)

Now, off to the pool with the kids and later this evening I am gonna hit the shops of Puerto Banus (most shops are open until 2 am in the night, that is some great late night shopping:). Show you more later!

Have a fabulous DAY!


  1. Sounds fab! Great food, sun, being unplugged and late night shopping ;)

    I wish I was there...


  2. Oh wow! These pictures made my day as I am sitting here watching the pouring rain beat down! I envy your 42 degrees :) Have a wonderful holiday!

  3. Åh så underbart du har det med sol och värme, (även om det kanske låter lite i varmaste laget...)
    Själv sitter jag på jobbet, inte lika lyxigt.

    Kram Jannike

  4. looks so heavenly~~ ahh if only i could get away! xO!

  5. Njut av denna underbara plats, bilderna är ljuvliga!

  6. Det låter verkligen fantastiskt, helt underbart! jag skulle inte ha något emot att vara där :). Ha det nu fortsatt bra och njut! Kram Jennifer

  7. Enjoy your time in Marbella, sweetie! I've always wanted to visit :) xoxo

  8. Låter som en fantastisk semester!! Njuut.

    Och tack för tips på hårfix.-)

    Kram Lina