Aug 12, 2012

And here we are, again...

So, we are now in the wonderful Marbella area in Spain. I still haven´t managed to get my own photos over to this computer, but I will later this week to show you more of what we´re doing. We have been coming here for over 15 years, so it´s very familiar. Over the years life has changed in many ways, like getting married and having children, which gives you a new look on the same place and challenges you to discover it from another angle. This makes it so great to come back here every year, since we never get bored and the place is constantly in change. And I am one of those who likes to discover new places, but honestly, I do love to come back to some favourite places again and again. It´s a real beauty in itself, that special feeling you can only get when you are really familiar with something. But many people don´t like going to the same place again and again. What do you prefer if you can choose? Discover new places every time or do you like that special feeling of knowing a place really well? Or maybe a mix of both...?

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