Jul 16, 2012

Mapping the mind

I was so inspired this morning to find out that the new article series in Swedens second largest (and in my opinion best) newspaper SvD, will cover the connection between the outer and inner world coming weeks. First out to be interviewed is the quantum physicist Arthur Zajonc, who recently was appointed new Director for Mind & Life Institute. His vision for the future is "mapping the mind".

-We need to view the inner world as real as the outer world. They should both be given the same status. Then we can find ways to understand who we really are, says Arthur Zajonc.

Arthur Zajonc is a Professor Emeritus at Amherst College in USA and he meditates reguarly. He predicts that thousands of professors uses meditation. Some of them belongs to Harvard Business School and have started a network called "contemplation and leadership”. They arranged a mini retreat at Harvard a couple of months ago when they meditated together for three hours. Afterwards one of the professors said: Who would have thought we would do this together five years ago?

-It all changes very fast now. Life isn´t dualistic. Everything is an integrated system. People are longing after a life that is connected. A life that is whole, says Arthur Zajonc.

- We shall become everything we can in the outer world (by objective research) and everything we can in the inner world (by examining ourselves). To see both these experiences as real is what makes us fully human, finishes Arthur Zajonc.  

Interesting and inspiring thoughts, I hope you think as well. We will continue to follow this series, since it´s all about inner & outer beauty. And you and I know we need (and can have) both.

Now, I am off to the beach for some outer beauty!

{Link with love! Thanks for use of image via Pinterest from reasonstobreathe.tumblr.com}