Jul 18, 2012

Island getaway

Welcome home to fashion designer Donna Karans beach house in the British West Indies.
- For the kids, it has become a miniresort. For me, it’s a sanctuary where I go to create awareness. Three hours from New York, I have this amazing cocoon of serenity that reminds me of the two places on the planet where I feel happiest: Africa and Bali says Donna Karan to Architecthural Digest. During the project building the house Donna Karans husband passed away, so the place to took Karan a while to fulfill. In 2006, when construction was well under way, she also started the Urban Zen Foundation, in her late husbands memory, to promote the integration of Eastern healing practices with Western medicin, which along with yoga is a huge interest for Karan. It must be heaven spendig time at this peaceful island getaway I would say.

Read the whole story at Arhictechtural Digest.

{Thanks to Architechtural Digest for permitting use of image. Photographer: Durston Saylor}