Jun 5, 2012

Oh the beauty of...

Is there anything more beautiful than a blossoming Hydrangea? I don´t have green fingers, at all actually. But since I am slightly obsessed with keeping at least one or two Hydrangeas alive at the same time, for the general beauty and wellbeing they bring to a home, I have finally mastered to keep them alive. For rather long. The trick is no rocket science at all, just never, ever, let the Hydrangea dry out, or if you do for a short period, like a day maximum, you can still revive it with a lot of water. The important thing is to keep it moist all the time. My grandmother also told me to cover the Hydrangea in water in the sink, and when the Hydrangea stops bubbling it has had just the right amount of water. I still haven´t moved on to Hydrangeas outdoors yet, that is for me a master class, which I hope to challenge next year...maybe. But don´t you agree with me that real flowers, like a Hydrangea, brings wellbeing and beauty to every day life?

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