Jun 4, 2012

The beauty table

Is there anything more girlie and lovely than an actual dressing table? It´s like a walk-in-closet for your accessories and makeup. I´ve just got an old antique one, and there are many of those to find in online auctions and antique shops. I realize I will not spend much time actually sitting there, but it´s nice to have a place for yourself to collect your beloved things and also display them beautifully. I also have had serious interest from our only daughter (she´s six years old:) to hang around there, so I tell myself that this space also creates, hopefully, some childhood memories for her. So here´s for inspiration to pimp it!

{Images via Pinterest from: 1-2: Alovelybeing, 3:thered-lips.tumblr.com 4: 5: Zsazsabellagio 6: Pinterest unknown 7: intothegloss.com 8: housetohome.co.uk}