Jun 7, 2012

Grace is enough

Many of us, in fact most of us, have our own inner critic, that negative one often linked to perfectionism that really doesn´t do anything to motivate or inspire us. It can be devastating, when getting too big proportion in life. It totally holds us back to develop and blossom and create that-great-life. Many years ago, I read one of the classic books on the subject, Embracing your inner critic - turning self-criticism into a creative asset by Hal & Sidra Stone. I still consider it one of the books that actually made a difference and changing my mindset. Mostly because before I read it, I was sort of unaware of my inner critic. It was there, oh yes, but I had not been able to identify it for what it was, less do anything about it. This was for me what Oprah would have called a "light bulb moment":) From that day on I decided to really confront my inner critic and do what I could to turn it into something at least useful. Over the years the results have of course varied, that´s life. But today I will never go back to the state of inner criticism that was sort of set on default before. Now I know how to confront it, if it turns up. On a good day I can even laugh it off. And I hope I also teach my kids something about it early on. The point of all these words are that life can be so much better when we realize that our inner critic, we all have it to some point, really doesn´t serve us. It really just is an unnecessary and unflattering accessory:)

So, get rid of it!
And have a fun Thursday, almost the weekend!

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