Jun 6, 2012

Elegant design that lasts

This is one of my favourite stores in Stockholm, for the home. I often go there to just breathe in the atmosphere and stroll around. That black table is on my whish list! If you are new to this store, and only go to one interior design store in Stockholm, let it be Svenskt Tenn on Strandvägen 5. It´s the most classic and elegant design store in Sweden, known for its exquisite taste and Swedish heritance from Estrid Ericson, who founded it in 1924 and ten years later brought on Josef Frank. The store recently opened up a new floor, including Estrids tea saloon to sip your tea and do some people watching. The store is always packed with Stockholmers as well as tourists, and is a total safe bet to buy wedding gifts, mothers day, birthday presents and everything else you will going to fall in love with in this store. You can also buy online (they ship to most countries.) If you want to bring some beautiful colours and patterns to your home, you will find it here. For me, living in a very light and Scandinavian home, with white floors and ceilings and mainly black, beige and light blue as complementary colours, this is perfect for adding some extra colour and fun patterns.

{Images with permission from svenskttenn.se except # 3: From Pinterest via luxinteriordesigns.com 4: skonahem.com