Apr 3, 2012

What does success look like?

The other day I read such an inspiring article in the April issue of Red Magazine while taking a bath. The question was "What does success look like to you?". This is, apparently, a classic topic for me and all other generation X (born 1965-1980). We constantly ask us this, and these days the answers are not like before. Today we;

"Want more control over our
working life so we can have
 a more meaningful personal life".

Headhunters are having problems finding educated people willing to sacrifice much of the rest of their lives for a job. - Many people I approach for big jobs are choosing job satisfaction, a happy family life and emotional wellbeing, instead, says one of the interviewed headhunters.

"What is success if it leaves
you no time to actually have
a life that you want to live?"

I don´t know about you, but I couldn´t agree more. Can´t we be successful and have it all? But in our own way, not in the old way.

{Thanks to Sk├Âna Hem for image, photographer unknown}