Apr 3, 2012

No boundaries in mind

“He wanted the house to be very ethereal and spare, with no boundaries or limits, because he doesn’t have any in his own mind.”

...says famous architecht James Magni about his clients request. The house is located in Beverly Hills and you can see more of it in Architechtural Digest. And the architecht did succeed with his mission. It is very minimalistic and everything seem to be floating. Personally, minimalism may not be my cup of tea (it is also an impossible equation for a family with three kids and also not that cosy:)  But the pool. Oh the pool. I can take that any day. And I do dream about those crisp, clean, white surfaces sometimes...

{Images with permission from Architechtural Digest
Photographer: Nikolas Koenig}


  1. Åh himmel vilket paradis!!! :) Kram Tess

  2. Fantastic! I'm like you, I could lay in that pool all day long (with appropriate SPF, of course).

  3. omg, obsessed. loving your blog, hun. totally following. If you get a sec, Lauren Conrad has picked me as one of her 3 favorite bloggers. It would mean the world if you could take a second to vote. Thanks, love. xo


    1. Of course I voted for you! Best of luck! Love C.