Apr 16, 2012

The timeless style of New England

In a few weeks my husband and I are taking our three kids to New York. We have absolutely noooo idea how this is going to turn out with a 10 month old (very alert:) baby boy, but for the rest of us we think it will be fantastic. As a result of that there might be "a touch of America" here at the blog due to that upcoming trip:) I hope you will follow! The last time I visited USA was like 12 years ago (I know, I can´t believe it myself!). Back then we visited New York and classic, beautiful spots like Newport RI, Hyannisport, Marthas Vineyard, Boston, Hannover and the lovely Vermont. What really made an impression on me were all the beautiful New England houses, and I have appreciated and loved that timeless classical style ever since.

{Images from Goin' coastal}