Apr 17, 2012

Add some inside gossip

I always have a mix of literature in the book pile. One is entitled to some glamour sometimes:)
This is the chic lit du jour. It´s the debut novel from the editor of British VOUGE. And if there is anyone sitting on inside gossip and facts, it should be Alexandra Shulman.

"It's the summer of 1983 and best friends, Salome, Annie and Kendra have left university to embark on adulthood. Three very different girls with very different paths ahead.
- Sal, the aspiring journalist whose personal demons threaten to destroy everything she has achieved.
- Annie, the capable domestic beauty, convinced that marriage will give her everything she wants.
- Kendra, the daughter of chic, liberal parents who, searching for her own identity, encounters a life she never expected.
As they navigate the decade of ra-ra skirts and shoulder pads, Duran Duran and Margaret Thatcher, they discover that the future is what happens to you, not what you plan. Their interwoven tale captures brilliantly what it is to learn the exhilarating and painful truths about love, work, family and the ties of friendship."

I think I will be hooked. And it should not take too long to finish.

{Image from Amazon.co.uk}